The Extended Gamut Podcast | Episode 5

The Extended Gamut Podcast – Episode 5

Welcome to the fifth episode of The Extended Gamut Podcast!
On this episode our hosts Jeff and Andy discuss the following questions:

00:00 – Introduction
01:40 – What is Key Print Co
02:40 – What was your first invention
03:30 – Tell us about Key Print Co’s suite of products
04:40 – How did Captain Platen come about
05:50 – Why did you choose Key Print Co for the name
06:50 – Do you have other places that you tried to innovate
07:25 – Patents run in your family
09:13 – Costs in acquiring a patent
09:43 – Did you ever have doubts in any of your product
10:49 – Would you rather…
11:18 – New Products – A camera system for measuring and centering
14:00 – OEM Relationships
16:35 – Manufacturing – Industrial Grade made in USA – Lifetime Warranty
19:10 – Summary

Shop Key Print Co.

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